I have reached the point where our country is becoming less and less recognizable to me as the great country that once nurtured the entrepreneurial spirit to new heights of prosperity, that spawned a wave of technological advances and industries, that had a no nonsense approach to fighting crime, that had the will and fortitude to wage and win a world war on two continents, and that celebrated freedom, independence and self-reliance.

What are we today?   Have we become a country too fearful and timid to aggressively fight and protect ourselves from foreign enemies sworn to destroy us, a country where there are too many of us no longer willing or able to build our own futures and create our own prosperity, a country where we are afraid to take a stand and decisively protect our society from the enemy within, and a country where we have become so ultra sensitive that we are willing to give up our freedoms so as not to offend anyone?

When confronted with a fanatical enemy who will use any means necessary to wage a war of terrorism and destruction against our country, I would rather unleash our own whirlwind of destruction on the terrorists and terrorist countries as I stated in “Reign Of Terror” than  kneel in submission for fear of inciting others to become terrorists+ or be concerned about the opinion of other countries or be hesitant to deal harshly with captured terrorists or refrain from being aggressive in our efforts to find and punish our enemies wherever they may hide.  

When confronted with a severe downturn in our economy, I would rather work harder to restore my own prosperity and maintain my independent and self-reliant spirit as I stated in “Take Back The American Dream, Part 1” and “Take Back The American Dream, Part 2” than feed off of the wealth and prosperity of others or become sheltered and supported by the government or change the rules so that we destroy the incentive to take risks and create wealth.

When confronted with rampant violent crime, I would rather take swift and decisive action against those that would commit the ultimate harm to society as I stated in “Death Penalty, A Personal Statement” than worry about their troubled lives or indulge their self-serving psychological defenses or put up with endless procedural delays or worry about being cruel to the wanton purveyors of cruelty.

When confronted with censorship in the name of sensitivity, I would rather honor our freedoms and be less concerned about offending someone as I stated in “Political Correctness” than stifle anyone’s free speech just to maintain a sense of civility, harmony, or cordiality.

When confronted with ever more rigid and entrenched ideologies, I would rather strive for a healthy balance of ideas and ideals as I stated in “A World In Balance” than follow any one agenda or choose one set of extreme doctrines over another.

I want to live in an intelligent, strong, decisive, courageous, purposeful, free, and success oriented country.

What country do you want to live in?

+   Fighting a limited war without a lasting and decisive victory as we did in Iraq and Afghanistan only breeds contempt for us with our enemies.   A case in point, the recent attacks on our Embassies in various Middle Eastern countries and the murder of the American Ambassador in Libya even though, ostensibly, over a religious insult is, in reality, born out of that contempt and might not have happened if we had pursued the war on terrorism throughout the Middle East with greater intensity and resolve in the first place.

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As a free country, we pride ourselves in being just and giving even the worst offenders in our society the same fair and impartial treatment as anyone else in our criminal justice system.   This is one of our greatest virtues.  When we try to extend this sort of virtuous treatment to the likes of the two terrorists currently on trial at Guantanamo Bay for the 9/11 attacks it becomes our greatest folly.

The trial has barely started and already the defendants are creating disruptions and seem intent on making a mockery of both the trial and the deaths of the thousands of people they killed.   Just as reprehensible are the defense attorneys who plan on making hundreds of motions designed to put the military on trial as part of their strategy to turn the tables on the tribunal and make the defendants appear to be the victims of abuse, hostility, and injustice.

Let’s get real here.  The defendants have proudly admitted to being the masterminds behind all of the attacks that took place on 9/11.  One of the defendants also has boasted that he personally committed the killing of a kidnapped American reporter by slitting his throat while on video tape for the whole world to see, including the victim’s family.   It is ludicrous to view their conduct as mere crimes when by any reasonable estimation these were barbaric acts of war designed to advance their goal of destroying our way of life.

It is a virtue to give even a hardened and unremorseful criminal in our society all of the rights and protections that we afford every other citizen or resident.   It is complete folly to extend these same rights and protections to terrorists who are part of a worldwide network of fanatics that want to destroy us.

I say that we should not and need not be so generous as to extend to these admitted terrorists the benefits of the free society that they hoped to terminate.   Perhaps, it would be a more fitting and just end to these terrorists if they were waterboarded one last time, along with their lackey attorneys, on their way to being summarily executed in a most gruesome manner.

May I suggest that we leave them on top of a very tall burning building?

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