As a small business owner, I understand the value of teamwork.

Almost everything you do in life requires a certain level of teamwork.  As the oldest of five children, I grew up in a household that thrived on teamwork.  When my youngest brother started school, my mother returned to teaching and even though I was only 13 years old and my sister was 12, we became her ‘second pair of hands’ when it came to housework and helping care for our three younger siblings.  This was probably good practice for me when it came to keeping my own family organized.

Over the years, as our children grew up, each of them had certain chores to help our household run more smoothly.  Even though I was working full time, with the help and cooperation of Joe and our children, I was able to participate in a number of activities involving each child.

Even when Joe was the coach, I always worked together with the other parents on every baseball, soccer and swim team any of our children were on to help keep things organized.  Whether it was scouting, school activities or my stint as PTA president, various groups of parents cooperated for the benefit of the children which always created an element of teamwork among the parents.

The point is that no matter what the activity, cooperation and teamwork is an integral part of life.  As USFSB has downsized to a core group of people, it is more apparent just how valuable teamwork is to successfully operate a business.  With the exception of our IT department, there aren’t any employees who are knowledgeable in only one particular job.  Our employees are cross-trained in multiple tasks.  This creates an environment of cooperation and teamwork enabling us to work together for a single goal, to be successful.

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