The answer to our riddle is, of course, Love! We hope that you had a Happy Valentine's Day with someone you love.

On Monday, Annemarie comments on the difference between one life cut short and the longevity of another in “Life is So Fragile”.



What can’t be bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen and still have value yet is of untold value if it is freely given?

What has inspired poets, writers, and artists throughout the ages to create wonderful works of literature and art yet it can’t be adequately described only felt?

What has caused emperors to leave their empires behind and kings to abdicate their thrones yet it awards no fame or worldly power?

What is the most fragile element of human emotions yet it is the most powerful force in all human relations?

What drives people to make sacrifices for others and some people will even die for it yet when true it makes no such demands?

What can make you weak in the knees yet it can give you the strength to conquer your doubts and fears?

What can drive a person mad with anguish when lost yet it can bring peace to the most troubled mind when found?

What can bring you to tears yet fill you with delight all at the same time?

What is strong enough to change the world yet gentle enough to lighten just one heart?

The answer will be revealed on Wednesday.