Today marks the final installment of our history with USFSB.  We hope that you have enjoyed reading our story.  Starting on Friday, we will be bringing you encore posts on personal, social and business topics.  – Joe & Annemarie


Well, Annemarie and I have survived these many years living and working together and, looking back, we appreciate the opportunities and experiences USFSB has afforded us.   It may not have been the safe road but it certainly has been interesting and rewarding.

Now, can we continue to make this work even though all of our children have left the nest leaving Annemarie and me with nothing to distract us from each other?


Since 2005, when we closed the NYC office, we have also changed a number of our vendor programs.  At times, we make a decision that a national vendor is just not as suitable for our members as we had hoped and sometime the vendors have major corporate or product changes that cause them to sever their Affinity relationships with us.

Much like other small business owners, we are constantly looking for products and services that are the best fit for our small business members and will help us grow our business.   These last couple of years has been the most challenging as we have down-sized as much as we can without compromising the integrity of our business.

As Joe and I approach our retirement years, we have been trying to develop a number of options for the business.  That is our current story as we complete construction on a winter home in Arizona and look forward to spending some time there next winter.

As we built that house over the last two years, in some ways, our personal life became part of the office fabric.  But that is a topic for later!