Our son, Joseph, graduated from Syracuse University in 2007 with a degree in Advertising Design.   He was always a very creative person and excelled in his chosen course of study.  In fact, his design was picked by the University for the cover of the 2005-2006 Syracuse Student Directory and he won the prestigious Lurzer’s Archive Magazines Student of the Year Award for his unique advertising designs.

Despite a faltering economy, Joseph was able to secure employment with a large advertising firm in New York City as a junior art director.  We were happy that he was able to find such a meaningful position to start what we hoped would be a long and successful career in the world of advertising design.  We knew that he, most likely, would not work there for the rest of his working life, but, rather that it would be a great place to obtain some useful experience before he moved on to the next phase of his career.

We could not have anticipated what was going to happen next.  After two years with this advertising firm, Joseph announced that he wanted to go to culinary school.   He explained that working in the field of advertising design was nothing like the creative process he enjoyed in school and he, simply, was not happy pursuing this as his life long career.   I could relate to this since I was a psychology major in college and enjoyed the subject matter; however, late in my college career I realized that I could never pursue psychology as my profession and made the last minute decision to go to law school.

After many days of discussions and debates, we finally gave Joseph our blessing and will give him our help and support.  He began classes on September 1, 2010.

Life is full of many twists and turns and you must follow your heart, particularly, when it comes to your life’s work.

April, 2013 Update:   Joseph graduated from Culinary School and worked for a small catering company in Brooklyn for over a year.   He recently moved to Scottsdale, Arizona and now works for a very large catering company as well as developing his own business as a private chef.   Joseph is very happy in his new career!