We are on vacation this week, so we are taking a break from sharing our history to talk about vacationing as a business owner.  Our history will resume next week. – Joe & Annemarie


             When you own and operate your own small business that always becomes the question when you contemplate taking time off to relax and spend some quality time with your family.

            As anyone who has a small business will tell you, no matter where you go you can never really leave your business behind.   Yes, you can travel and spend time with your family; but, your business is never completely out of your thoughts and, most likely, you will still need to take care of business while you are away. 

            We are fortunate to have very capable employees along with an outstanding operations manager who we trust and is skilled enough to take care of the day to day business while we are away.  Yet, even with these advantages, we not only keep in touch with the office, respond to and send emails, and field important telephone calls whenever we travel, but almost always bring some work with us.  

            Worse yet, it seems to never fail that whenever we are away one crisis or another will suddenly arise and demand our immediate attention.   Our vacations would not be complete without that urgent call from the office!  Sometimes, this not only will happen while on vacation, but also on a late Friday afternoon so that we have the added pleasure of stewing about it all weekend.   

            It is just a fact of life that the owners of a small business are never “off the clock”.  If you can completely detach yourself from your business while you are away, you might want to consider staying on vacation since either your business does not need you or you may not be in business very long due to neglect.

            Leaving your business for a few days of ‘R and R’ is a little like leaving your children with a sitter.   You can go out and have fun, but; your children are never out of your mind.   You will interrupt your activities to check in with the sitter to make sure everything is all right and you always leave the sitter with all the ways they can get in touch with you, if necessary.   Going on vacation as the owner of a small business is not much different.   

            As we  make plans for our summer vacation, along with the sunscreen, we will remember to also pack our small business and bring it along.  

               Our advice for all the small business owners who plan to have a carefree vacation this summer:

  • Be sure you have Internet access.  We love our Blackberries and laptops!
  • Be sure your cell phone is fully charged
  • Be sure someone in your office is prepared to take care of the routine matters and only call you when something really important happens.
  • Be sure you set aside time to call in anyway (just for peace of mind, if for no other reason).

 Oh, by the way, ‘Have Fun!” even if you are the owner of a small business.