It’s the first of the month and the billing must go out! 

The reality is that the insurance carriers require us to send our members a bill on or about the first of every month for their insurance premiums. 

The monthly billing and the entire process that goes with the billing, collecting, and paying the premiums is one of the most important things that USFSB does for its members.  This is how the insurance is paid for and how the insurance coverage is maintained.  It is how USFSB administers the insurance on behalf of our members so that both our members and the carriers are satisfied and protected.

Over the years, preparing and processing the monthly billing has become the exclusive providence of Kristie, our Finance Director.   In fact, she plans her vacations and personal time so that she is sure to be here each month when it is time to do the billing.   Well, for the first time in a very long time, it happens that Kristie will not be here to do the billing this September.  In her absence, I will be taking care of the billing and, even though I have done it in the past, I am a little anxious about it, particularly, since I have so much going on here in the office and in my personal life.

I have no doubt that I will rise to the task and make sure everyone of our members receive their bills in a timely manner.  Billing day has come and gone and on this day, I had one advantage over Kristie.  While she was away, our billing server was replaced.  It normally took almost an hour for the system to process the billing for printing.  The new server cut the time down to 3 minutes.  Priceless! 

By the time you are reading this, you will have already received your bill and, probably, already mailed in your payment, right?