Joe and Annemarie Cardamone have been married for 33 years and have four children, Matthew (30), Michael (30), Joseph (27), and Julia (22).

Since many of our members are small family run businesses, we want to share our experiences as a husband and wife working together in a small business.

How we have learned to succeed in our small family business despite the many adjustments, compromises, perils, and pitfalls encountered as we work together is our story.

Joe, as an attorney and small business owner, offers information on business and legal topics of interest to small businesses.

Joe and Annemarie also share their life experiences and opinions on many different business, political and social issues.


This is how I have learned to successfully run a small family business.   But, first, a little background information.

I practiced law for over 20 years and for most of that time I ran my own office as a self-employed attorney.   During my years in the law business, I became used to making all of the decisions and not having to answer to anyone else about how to run my business.    Even though my law practice provided many benefits for my family, none of my children appeared destined to become attorneys, thus, my law practice was not and, probably, never would be a family business.

In 1995 when my brother, who had been one of the founders of USFSB, became ill I stepped in to keep the business going for him.  When he passed away in 1996, I acquired USFSB and found myself the owner/operator of a small business with seven full time employees.  I took from my experiences running my law business and  operated USFSB as the primary  decision maker.


This is how I have survived running a small family business.   But, first, a little background information.

After college, I spent 20 years working in a large office of 20-30 people who worked in a variety of different positions ranging from data entry operators, to clerical staff, to administrators, to upper management and professionals.  I started working there before Joe and I were married and continued while Joe was practicing law.  I stayed in that job during the years each of our children was born, taking maternity leave for several months each time.  It was the type of position that allowed me to work a set number of hours each day and I was able to have a somewhat flexible schedule at times when I needed it.

I was energetic and made time to be involved with many of our children’s activities.  While Matthew, Michael and Joseph were in elementary school, I was quite active with PTA, including a two year term as President.  I was assistant den mother for Matthew and Michael’s Cub Scout troop and den mother for Joseph.

Over the years, while Joe coached Matthew and Michael in baseball and Joseph in soccer, I managed the teams for him.  When Joe coached Julia in soccer, I also managed her team.   Even when the boys and, eventually, Julia reached more advanced levels where more experienced coaches were necessary, I remained involved in helping to manage team activities.