I once posted a blog entitled “Give Them What They Want” in which I succumbed to the popular interest in all things cute by posting some incredibly cute pictures of my son’s Min Pin, Enzo.  I was reluctant to do so because I do not personally believe that just being cute is enough to inspire, amuse or entertain me or anyone else.   Cute is overrated.

I feel the same way about all of those trite feel good quotes and canned inspirational statements that are plastered all over Facebook and other social network sites and which pass for meaningful observations on life.   They have no validity when it comes to defining what life is all about and it is just as ridiculous to be inspired by them as it would be to rely on a fortune cookie to give you a meaningful look at your future.   They are both just superficial fluff that offer nothing of substance to your spirit or your mind.

I suppose there is no wonder that these things are so popular since we have reduced all of our information and thoughts into short sound bites so why not find our inspiration in the same way.   Real thoughts and true depth of feelings have given way in our fast paced and shallow culture to trite statements of wisdom and inspiration that are simply contrived messages designed to trigger a superficial feeling of well-being.

Life is far too sublime and your spirit much too lofty to be reduced to a few insipid words of fluff just as your future is too mysterious to be described in a fortune cookie.   I believe that our minds are too intelligent to be swayed by cute just as I believe our spirits are too expansive to be satisfied by the vapid purveyors of pre-packaged feel good words of inspiration.   We should understand that the real worth of the world and of our place in that world cannot be summed up in a few words of fluff.   You deserve better than that.

On Monday, Joe says goodbye.