I have heard of people claiming to have had an out of body experience usually in connection with a near death experience.   I have never had an out of body experience even though I have been bored nearly to death many times.

However, I have had what I consider to be an out of mind experience on numerous occasions.  There are times when I am so befuddled or incredulous over some of the ridiculous things that people do that I start to feel that I must be going out of my mind since this can’t really be happening.

I am not talking about the intense or profound kinds of things that can dramatically affect our lives or which are of such great importance that they demand action.   I am talking about those simple yet annoying everyday kinds of things that just drive you up a wall even though there is not much you can do about them except shake your head in bewilderment.   I am sure we all have had an out of mind experience.   Here are some of mine.

I love going to the movies as a way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life by enjoying a couple of hours of undistracted entertainment.   I usually have an out of mind experience when people can’t organize their lives well enough to even get to a movie on time and then think it is acceptable to rummage around a dark theater looking for a seat or when people feel it necessary to sit in front of me even though the theater is nearly empty or when people decide that a dark quiet theater would be the best place to have a conversation with their friends or when people spend two hours loudly ripping though one bag of treats after another as if no one will notice that they spent two hours eating everything they could get their hands on.

I do a fair amount of both local and highway driving and find that it can, even under the best of circumstances, require a good deal of patience.  I usually have an out of mind experience when people pull their car out of a side street or parking lot right in front of me as if they are in a great hurry and then hold me up as they proceed to go 10 MPH under the speed limit or when people are oblivious to the other traffic around them and won’t give me any room as I’m trying to merge onto a highway or when people rudely cut me off in traffic and then give me the universal salute as if I’m the one at fault or when people in bumper to bumper traffic make matters worse by holding back instead of helping to keep the traffic moving and most of all when people slow down to look at something on the side of the road thus needlessly causing the bumper to bumper traffic in the first place.

I have been on many cruises and in many other situations where I have had to go through a buffet line.   I usually have an out of mind experience when people take forever to work their way through the line as if they never saw food before and have to inspect and analyze every dish or when they act as if each choice is of monumental importance and have to carefully weigh each option before they can decide what to put on their plate or when they feel the need to meticulously fill their plate with some of everything available as if they will never have an opportunity to pass through the buffet line ever again.

I have had to patiently wait in line to buy tickets at one attraction or another just like everyone else.   I usually have an out of mind experience when people hold up the line as they negotiate with the person in the ticket booth so that they can figure out the absolute best combination of ticket options that will save them, maybe, a couple of dollars or when people ask one inane question after another as if they are completely unaware that there is a long line of people behind them or when they do anything other than quickly complete their business and move on.

Luckily, Annemarie can be the voice of reason and a paragon of patience whenever I get agitated by the things people do that seem to drive me out of my mind.

On Wednesday, Joe comments on those contrived words of inspiration we are all asked to share and like in “You Deserve Better Than That”.