Election Day will soon be upon us and we will all have the opportunity to exercise one of the most important rights we have as citizens in a democracy, the right to vote for our elected officials, including our President.

I am not promoting in this post either candidate in this Presidential election.   Both men are intelligent, accomplished, and, hopefully, are well intentioned.   That is not to say that I do not have a preference; however, I also try in good conscience to vote for the candidate that I believe will do the best job for our country.  Of course, as we all do, I tend to follow my own self-interests but I also recognize that the outcome of any Presidential election is about all of us and is bigger than any one of us.

On a day to day basis, the political process is a tug of war by and between such competing forces as lobbyists; private and public interest groups; political pundits, bloggers and media commentators; focus groups; protestors in the streets loudly shouting their point of view; and back room power brokers quietly whispering their point of view.   However, on Election Day, all of that becomes the sideshow and the only thing that matters is our vote, the power of the ballot.   For better or worse, on that day through the collective will and wisdom of the voters we choose the person who will lead all of us for the next four years.

On Election Day, don’t abdicate your rights and duties as a citizen, vote and be heard.

On Wednesday, Joe comments on the election in a post written well over a month before the election and without regard to who might win in “Every Bowl Of Cherries Has Some Pits”.