The question was recently posed and is on the ballot in several states, should we legalize marijuana?   This question has been asked many times by many generations and, so far, the answer has always been no whether for health, social or even moral reasons.

When I ponder this question I think about our entire Universe just being a tiny bubble in a much larger bubble that is floating in an even larger bubble all of which is balanced on the head of a pin being held by a small child.   Of course, I have only pondered this question when I have been in a room full of marijuana smoke and for some reason, on those occasions, I was able to think with such vivid clarity.

I am not suggesting that I have ever smoked marijuana; however, there have been times in my life when I have inadvertently stumbled into a dark room, perhaps a dorm room, full of people smoking what looked like small self-rolled cigarettes sometimes being carefully held with a clip so as to not burn their fingers.  It always seemed that on those occasions I would wind up lingering for long periods of time, for reasons not entirely clear to me, listening to music and engaging in stimulating conversations.

The conversations always got around to the mysteries of the Universe and our small place in the scheme of things.   I never had any conversations that seemed as clear and that made as much sense as the conversations I would have on those occasions.   Important things were discussed and great answers were revealed.   Unfortunately, I could never remember those great answers after the fact but I am pretty sure that the conversations took place.

Should marijuana be legal?  I guess that the only way I would be able to answer a question of this importance is if I could once again stumble into one of those dark rooms filled with marijuana smoke and talk the issue out with the other people in that room so that I could wrap my head around the question as well as solve some of the mysteries of the Universe.   I might try to write everything down since I am not sure I would remember the answers.

So, let me get back to you on this one.

On Wednesday, Joe reflects on all of the effort to find the answers to the mysteries of the Universe in “Much Ado About Nothing”.