I hate to appear so negative but don’t you look at all of the nonsense in the world and sometimes just think that the world sucks?

There is constant turmoil throughout the third world with one faction fighting another over countries and territories that have nothing to offer even in the best of times.  You wonder what all of the fighting is about and what are the spoils that could possibly go to the victor?   While all of this mayhem is going on the people of these poor countries are dying by the hundreds of thousands from famine and disease.

There is the death struggle that seems to permanently exist between the State of Israel and its Arab neighbors that has no solution.   The hostile nations surrounding Israel will only be satisfied if Israel ceases to exist and Israel could only appease its neighbors if it was willing to commit national suicide.  This leaves no room for compromise and puts Israel at the epicenter of what has become a worldwide war between the Western World and Islamic extremists who have turned to terrorism.   This struggle has been waged for centuries going back to the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire to the Turks, the occupation of Spain by the Moors and the epic Crusades during the Middle Ages.  This cultural and religious conflict might never end until one side finally eliminates the other.

Even in supposedly progressive and prosperous nations you have social unrest stemming from real or perceived economic injustice; you have a brewing struggle between the rich and the poor or nearly poor; you have the uncontrolled immigration of people from depressed countries to Europe and the United States taxing the resources of these host countries and causing cultural unrest as well as a sense of frustration over what appears to be free-for-all immigration policies; and you have competing liberal and conservative agendas constantly stirring the pot instead of searching for common ground and sensible solutions that takes everyone’s point of view into consideration.   There may be no end to our problems until we recognize that wealth is not evil and that true success is not about greed or corruption; until we realize that the best way to help someone is to teach them how to help themselves; until we have firm policies that welcome new citizens under an orderly and lawful process; and until we stop looking out for our own self interests and strive for solutions that meet the common good.

There is the unbridled censorship by incrimination that we wryly call political correctness which masquerades as civility and sensitivity with its dampening effect on all of our rights to the freedom of speech; there is the noble quest for civil rights that has been twisted into an unrecognizable form by spawning the cry of racism from the manipulative ministers of racial conflict whenever there is more than one race in any equation; there are class conflicts, gender conflicts, ethnic conflicts, social and economic conflicts, conflicts abound based on our differences and competing interests.   These conflicts may never go away until we adhere to the well reasoned rule of law rather than succumb to mob rule; until we recognize that the freedom of speech is one of the “linchpins” of our democracy and we can only be a free society by tolerating and not fearing the words of others; until we strive to accentuate our similarities and not our differences; and until we finally decide that the only race that matters is the human race.

So, are we being dragged down by the gravity of our own misguided foolishness or are we by design creating a world that just sucks?

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