We have all heard the ads that tell us about the secret being kept from us by the credit card companies.  You know, the secret that we have a right to be rid of our debts.  We are told that we are being victimized by our creditors who keep us enslaved with the burden of paying off our debts.

Do we really believe that our debts sprang up from nowhere or were created through an evil conspiracy between banks, credit card companies, and lenders of all kinds?   In the vast majority of cases, our debts are simply the end result of spending more than we earn.   Too many people have lived on the buy now and find a way to pay later plan far too long.

Yes, it’s true that there are people who have lost their jobs and through no fault of their own cannot keep up with their bills.  We can be sympathetic, but, at least, work something out with your creditors, take responsibility, acknowledge the debt and do the best you can to make payments.  Early in my law practice, I handled my share of bankruptcy cases and understand that it can be a legitimate chance for a fresh start, but, I also have seen it misused and abused.

The bigger problem lies in the fact that we are becoming a nation of people who do not want to claim responsibility for anything that goes wrong in our lives or accept the consequences of our behavior.   We become obese and unhealthy, blame the fast food industry.   We are careless and get hurt, find an attorney and sue someone.   We commit a crime, it’s the fault of our parents, society, stress, bad genes, or anything and everything else but ourselves.   Too many people seem to have an excuse for all things and a hard luck story for all occasions.

Most of us were raised with the understanding that we will be held responsible for our actions and that there are always consequences for our behavior.  I believe that it is now time for all of us to again embrace those simple lessons.  We need to find solutions to our problems not excuses.

We are living in troubled times when everyone is looking to find someone to blame for the problems in our own lives and the problems facing our country.  I suggest that the social, economic, and political fabric of our country can best be mended if we all take responsibility for our actions and accept the consequences of our behavior.
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