I was going to be creative and write about some controversial topic or, perhaps, delve into a subject that could be of great interest to others; however, I am not able to summon any unique or novel ideas as it seems that I am having what amounts to just another day in my life.

The reality of life is that there are peaks of inspiration and excitement and valleys of disappointments and hardship with vast plateaus of just ordinary living in between.   We tend to accentuate the extremes and a lot of what we remember and relate to other people are the good and bad times in our lives; however, it is the mundane that we deal with on a daily basis.

In the scheme of things, one day is much like the next in our lives and in some ways it would be quite difficult if we did not have these long periods of sameness to give us a reason to place greater importance on the highs and lows that mark the memorable events in our lives.   Most of the time, we live out a daily routine that has but very small variations and each day tends to blend into the next with the exception of an occasional milestone that helps breaks up the monotony.  These milestones can take the form of an exciting trip that we plan and look forward to, the festivities of a holiday with our family, or a momentary distraction such as an awesome sunset that serves to remind us of the joy in just being alive.

There are very few, if any, people in this world, regardless of how exciting and glamorous their lives might seem to the outside observer, that do not also have ordinary lives with their own mundane routines.  It would be impossible for anyone to sustain a lifetime full of only highs and lows and even if they could these constant extremes would, in fact, become their routine from which they would seek the ordinary and mundane for relief.

It turns out that the ordinary and mundane are not bad, just the opposite, we need the consistency and reliability of the routines that we have come to depend on and that we feel comfortable with so that we can find greater pleasure in or be better able to endure the extraordinary things that happen in our lives.