And now, for something completely different.   We all have a dark side where we explore the dark thoughts that lurk in the recesses of our minds.  It can be a liberating feeling to let the dark side free once in awhile.   This is a story of doubt, regret, and, ultimately, hope for the future.  Enjoy my version of the Dark Side as an artistic expression and not as a personal statement.

On a morning dark and dreary,
as I lie here weak and weary,
I ponder the things that might have been
trying not to embrace regret as a friend.

I start each day with a sense of dread,
while I strive to earn my daily bread.
Even though I hope to thrive,
often, I find it hard to just survive.

The days are tedious and long,
as I struggle to be strong.
I feel invisible, unseen,
what can it all possibly mean?

I think and I feel
but nothing seems real.
My life is an illusion
full of uncertainty and confusion.

The daily turmoil brings me to despair.
I wish with all my heart I did not care.
Instead, I am driven by constant worry
to lash out in pain and fury.

I feel betrayed at every turn,
without the love I tried so hard to earn.
My hopes, desires and prayers
are met with empty and uncaring stares.

 Sometimes, I feel all alone
completely on my own
adrift on a vast and empty sea
with no one there to care for me.

My emotions have been battered
as if my feelings never mattered.
My few gains came at such a cost
and now I fear that all will be lost.

Brighter days must lie ahead
to give me a reason to get out of bed.
Hope springs eternal, as they say,
I wonder if my heart will find the way.

When it is all said and done
and my final hours have begun
I want to look back across my years
without any sorrow or tears.

There will be no blog on Wednesday due to the 4th of July holiday. Next Monday, Joe begins his three part story about his youthful adventure in London in “The Summer of ’69, Part 1”.