Now that we have reached the two year mark and have posted our 200th blog, perhaps my prior attempts to describe the nature of my blog postings were too oblique or too subtle so let me get right to the point.

My postings are not about how to run a small business.  I have been self employed most of my working life; however, I am not and do not profess to be an expert on businesses, small or otherwise.   I would never presume to give anyone advice on how to run their business and it was never my intent to make my postings a tutorial on how to run a small business.  Also, of course, it would be impossible for me to tailor my postings to the specific circumstances of any particular reader or their small business so I would not even try.   However, from time to time, there has been and will continue to be postings on general issues pertaining to small businesses, particularly, legal issues since that is my background.

My postings are about my experiences as a small business owner.   I have my own unique experiences and career path that includes operating a small business with my wife and children and it is those experiences and the insights that I have gleaned from those experiences that are the subject of many of my postings.   However, if that were all I wrote about it would only reflect a part of what is important to me and I would soon lose interest.

My postings are also about my life experiences and the point of view that I have developed from those experiences.   These are the topics that give me the most opportunity to be creative and express myself and that I find to be the most interesting.    The question you may have is why would that be of interest to you?   It may be of interest to you for the same reasons you read a book, go to a movie, watch television, or have a conversation with someone you just met.   In all of those activities, you are looking in on the experiences and the point of view of other people, real or fictional.   We all enjoy and benefit from sharing the experiences and thoughts of others because it gives us insights into our own lives, it gives us a chance to explore another point of view, it gives us a frame of reference to compare our own experiences, or, in some cases, it is just interesting to see how other people deal with the intricacies of life.

So here is the rub.   If what I have to say you do not want to hear or if what you want to hear I am not saying, then something has to give.   All I can tell you is that I will keep saying what is interesting to me and I can only appeal to those who want to hear it.   With that in mind, I encourage anyone to comment on what I have said, but, there is no point in questioning my right to say it.

On Monday, Joe talks about their condo at the Jersey Shore in “Our Piece Of The Jersey Shore”.