In any endeavor, there is always a core group of people that you come to rely on to get things done and who seem to make a difference.

At one time, USFSB had a large number of employees and, yet, we were not getting much more work done then we are now with fewer employees.   USFSB was overloaded with employees and there was a significant amount of wasted time and duplication of effort.  We realized that we could and should pare down our work force to make USFSB more efficient and cost effective.

The reduction in our work force was accomplished in many different ways.  In some cases, it was purely a matter of not needing or wanting what the employee had to offer.  The best example of this was when we let our marketing person go and his design assistant became an independent contractor.  In other cases, it was a product of the new custom computer system being much more efficient which allowed USFSB to be able to do the same work with less people.  In some cases, employees resigned for one reason or another or were let go for cause.  Of course, we also had to make some decisions based on the changing economy and the reality that we needed to streamline our work force to be more cost conscious.

In each case, Annemarie and I would weigh the relative strengths and weaknesses of each employee when deciding who should stay and who we should let go.   This is not an easy task and in some ways it becomes a very subjective process.   In many cases, we enjoyed working with each of our employees and valued the contribution they made to USFSB.  However, difficult choices had to be made and we tried to make those choices in a fair and thoughtful manner with the best interests of USFSB’s future in mind.

USFSB now has the ability to do everything that needs to get done with the help of a core group of employees that have survived that process.  We are happy with the choices we made and believe that in each case we kept the right person for the job.  Just as important, we believe that our employees are happy to be here and share our desire to get things done and make a difference.

On Wednesday, Annemarie notes the value of teamwork in the office and at home in “Teamwork”.