One day I looked into the mirror and saw a much older man staring back at me.   Who could he be?  Certainly not me as I don’t feel as old as that man looked.   Were my eyes playing tricks on me?   Was there something wrong with the mirror?   Could the transformation have happened overnight since I don’t remember that many years having gone by from when I looked young?    Maybe it was all a dream and things will be back to normal the next time I look in the mirror?

When I was a young child, I thought it would be the greatest thing to be able to go to bed as late as I wanted.   However, I now think that it is the greatest thing to go to bed as early as I want to.  I still make some concessions to being an adult and try to stay up until, at least, 10PM unless I can come up with a good excuse to go to bed earlier.   On those occasions when I am up past 10PM and actually out in public, I am amazed at how many other mature adults are also out and active.  Is it like this every night or did they all stay up past their bed time just to come out to join me?

I don’t remember always having aches and pains or feeling so sore when I get up in the morning.   Did I have a fight or play some kind of contact sport overnight in my sleep?   Did someone sneak into my house and repeatedly hit my knees without waking me up?   Did I always stumble out of bed and struggle to walk to the bathroom in the morning?  It can’t be that my body is changing and is not as resilient as it once was?

When did everyone become younger then I am?   It used to be that just about everyone I met and, particularly, professionals like doctors, dentists, and lawyers were all older than me.  Now, I meet adults and professional people all the time who were born after I had already finished college.  Why are people calling me sir and offering me senior discounts?   It can’t be that I am getting older?

It seems that every time I look into the mirror I always have to ask myself the same question.   What happened?

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