To me there is nothing better than a good steak.   In deference to my health, I do not eat as much red meat as I used to; however, meat and poultry are still a part of my diet.   In fact, the argument has been advanced that the protein from meat is responsible for the evolution of larger brains and more intelligence in mankind.   Eating meat is an important part of human history and experience.

I do not particularly want to know nor do I particularly care how the meat gets from the animal to my table.   I just accept it as a fact of life that there is an unpleasant process involved.    Just as I understand how morbid and gruesome an autopsy is or how intrusive and devastating to the human body major surgery can be, I also accept that it is necessary.   There are many unpleasant but necessary things in life.

I don’t care very much for zoos or circuses not because I am disturbed by the treatment of the animals but I just find them unappealing.   If I was inclined to worry about the living and working conditions of these animals I would only do so after all human hardships had been eradicated.

I have a leather jacket and even though I never purchased a fur coat I don’t mind that people make a living raising and processing animals for these purposes.   Again, I accept that the process is unpleasant; however, mankind has always used animal hides and furs for clothing.  I do not find it inappropriate that animals continue to be used for this purpose.

I would love to see all human disease eventually conquered and I don’t particularly care how many lab rats need to be killed in the effort.  I am far more concerned about ending the suffering of mankind than I am about the animals that are sacrificed for the cause.

To me animal rights, if such a concept can actually be entertained, is all about perspective.  An argument can be made that without the gift of self-awareness, the concept of animals having rights is irrelevant since they can’t appreciate having rights or know when they have been taken away.  What we are really talking about is what are the appropriate uses that mankind can make of animals?

In that regard, I don’t believe that animals should be wantonly killed, abused, tortured, or tormented; however, I find it completely appropriate if animals are used to heal, feed, clothe, work for, or even entertain humans.

On Wednesday, Joe makes a personal statement that things may not be as they appear in “What Happened?”.