Have you ever seen an ant farm?    The ants constantly work and toil to build and dig so that they can form their society and create their civilization never realizing how limited their world is or that all of their efforts are for the amusement of a higher being who is only mildly interested in them.   Sound familiar?

Have you ever had a hamster?   They live and die in a world of mazes and wheels in which they endlessly spend their days working their way through the same network of dead end paths and spinning their wheels without any real progress.   Sound familiar?

Have you ever seen salmon swim upstream?   They tirelessly fight their way through impossible obstacles and ultimately die all for the chance to make sure there is life for the next generation.   Sound familiar?

Have you ever been to a horse race?   The horses spend their careers running in circles chasing after the horses in front of them all for the financial benefit of others until they are, eventually, put out to pasture.   Sound familiar?

Have you ever been to a wildlife park?   The animals are led to believe that they are free but every part of their lives is regimented and controlled by those in charge.   Sound familiar?

Have you ever seen a stampede of wild animals?   Once one senses any danger and starts to panic, the panic spreads to the entire herd and it results in an irrational stampede in which they all run in a pack without any idea of what is the safest direction or how real is the danger.   Sound familiar?

Have you ever seen an eagle soar?   They fly in the rarified air far above the earth without any constraints or worldly concerns as if they were totally free of all of life’s limitations. Sound familiar?  Probably not.

On Monday, Joe comments on the Florida Stand-Your-Ground Law in “Run For Your Life”.