My career practicing law, particularly, since it was concentrated in the area of litigation and trial work, involved a lot of writing and public speaking.   The writing was serious, well researched, and technical works on legal issues affecting my clients and usually took the form of affidavits, memorandums of law, and briefs.  Even though the subject matter was weighty, the writing also needed to be interesting, engaging, and, most of all, persuasive.  After all, the point of it all was to convince a Judge that my client’s position was correct and that my opponent was wrong.

For me, the best part was that I would receive the ultimate critique of my efforts in the form of an Opinion or Decision from the Court.  This would let me know, in no uncertain terms, whether or not what I had written was persuasive enough and good enough to win the case for my client.  There is no greater gratification then when you have articulated your point of view well enough to persuade a Judge to decide in your favor.   Likewise, there is no greater frustration then when you fall short and lose.

When I came to USFSB there was very little opportunity for any creative writing until I started to write my articles for USFSB’s Newsletter.  Even then the nature of our Newsletter did not lend itself to very much in the way of creativity since most of my articles were just meant to inform our Members of our products or services.

It was not until I started to write my blog postings that I finally came full circle and had the opportunity to be as creative as I wanted to be in my writing efforts and my choice of topics.  The difference, however, is that I do not get the same definitive level of feedback and, certainly, there is not the same kind of validation as I would receive when writing in my law practice.

Now, my writing goes off into the nebulous world of the Internet and there is no way of knowing, for sure, what impact it is having on those who may be reading my blog postings.   In any event, I am having a lot of fun with this creative outlet even if I am not going to get a winning decision from a Judge.   So, instead, you be the judge.

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