What does it mean to place your trust in someone?   Trust is our faith in another’s good will that makes us feel safe and secure, that helps builds friendships, and with the right person allows love to blossom.   In its purest form, we trust those people who we believe have our best interests at heart and who would not hurt or harm us in any way.   It is a terrible thing to learn that your trust was misplaced.

We first place our trust in our parents since we must totally depend on their care and protection in order to survive.  To have that trust violated can cause permanent and devastating damage to your mind and spirit.  In the extreme, it can be fatal.  How many children have grown to be bitter, frightened, and angry adults because the innocent trust they placed in the good will of their parents was shattered by abuse, neglect, or torment?

As we grow older, we sometimes become casual with our trust as we place our trust in people who are only marginally involved in our lives.  We start to place our trust in our business associates, employees, doctors, and all the other people we come to believe have an interest in helping us.  We know that our trust in these people is not absolute and is subject to change if they prove to be unworthy.

Ultimately, if we feel we have found the right person to share the rest of our life with we come full circle and place the same absolute and unconditional trust in that person as we first did with our parents.  In some ways this is a more complete trust because it is not born out of necessity but is based on a nurtured belief that it is real and well placed.

We depend on that trust to allow us to enjoy a full and rewarding relationship secure in the knowledge that the private moments we share, the secrets we reveal, and the confidences we divulge will remain private and personal.   It can be extremely painful and disturbing to have that trust violated.   The very foundation on which we built one of our most important relationships can be undermined and replaced with distrust, suspicion, and anger.  Once lost, trust is very difficult to restore.

Like the child whose trust in his parents was shattered, we feel betrayed and damaged when the trust we placed in those closest to us is lost.

On Monday, Joe observes that in his blog writing he does not receive the same validation as he did in his legal writing in “You Be The Judge”.