If you follow my blogs, you know that almost one year ago, in March 2011, our son, Matthew, was married.  It was an exciting time for our family for many reasons, but it was also another “first” experience in his life and ours.  Matthew and Erika live in San Francisco, as does our son, Michael, so we don’t see them as often as we used to when they all lived in New York City and were only two and one half hours from us.

We have been fortunate to be able to visit with them twice since the wedding.  The first time was in September when we took a trip to Portland, Oregon and then drove down the California coast to San Francisco.  Our second time was recently for an extended weekend trip from our home in Arizona.  Ironically, the flight is just a little over two hours.

Michael shares his apartment with others so it is not conducive to hosting overnight guests, but Matthew and Erika purposely rent a two bedroom apartment so they can entertain out of town guests AKA the Parents.  This brings me to my observation-when children grow up.

In past years, as our three sons have rented various apartments in New York City and had various roommate situations (Joseph still lives there), occasionally, we were able to squeeze in an overnight visit and stay with them, but most times, it was just easier and more convenient to stay in a hotel.  Roommate apartments tend not to be as clean or comfortable as home even though it is home to them at the time.  Of course, with Julia still in college, she hasn’t had the opportunity to host us for an overnight visit.

There is a big change in Matthew’s surroundings now that he is married.  The décor is more coordinated and purposeful.  There are matching dishes and towels.  There are curtains on the windows and best of all, there is actually a guest room and guest bathroom!  It is such a pleasure to be hosted by our son and daughter-in-law, who each are proud and happy to reverse the roles and take care of us while we are visiting.

Not to minimize our visit with Michael, although he does not have room for us to stay with him, he lives in a very nice apartment and one of the nights we were there, he and his girlfriend Jacque did cook and host dinner for all of us at his apartment.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with all of them and had great fun with the many activities they carefully planned for us.  We look forward to many more “firsts” in our children’s lives.  Erika’s parents will soon make their second trip to San Francisco and then along with Matthew and Erika will visit us in Arizona to celebrate Matthew and Erika’s First Wedding Anniversary.

PS – Happy Anniversary to us!  33 years yesterday.

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