Keep it simple stupid.    It may not be polite advice but it still may be good advice.  I have been as guilty as anyone of over thinking just about everything in my life.   I have already admitted in my blog postings “The Burden Of Being A Perfectionist” and “Patience Is A Virtue”, that even though I was impatient and would not rest until I was able to find a solution to the problems in my life, career, or business it still was never a quick or easy process.

One reason for this may be that as an attorney you are trained to look at complex issues in a very deliberate and thoughtful manner since the law rarely has direct black and white answers.   In the law, the rule is usually stated in one or two paragraphs and then the exceptions to that rule go on for several pages.   The phrase that the devil is in the details has never been truer than when dealing with legal issues.

This is a pattern that existed from very early in my life and practicing law just refined my natural inclination to solve problems by analyzing all of the issues and carefully weighing all of my options.   This may seem inconsistent with my belief that it is important to be decisive and not second guess your decisions; however, being deliberate in reaching a decision and then being decisive and steadfast in implementing that decision are not incompatible.

Over the years, I have found that in the operation of a small business you have more flexibility in the way you solve problems than you have in the practice of law.   When practicing law your solution to any problem needs to conform to the constraints imposed by statutes and case law specific to that problem.  In business the issues are not that narrowly defined and, as long as you are not breaking the law, you have wide latitude in how you run your business.  

As I made the transition from practicing law to operating USFSB, I eventually changed my outlook and reached a point where I felt comfortable simplifying the problems and making quick and easy decisions.  USFSB has, in many ways, made my life less complicated and helped me realize that keeping things simple is good for me and my business.

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