If I can steal and butcher a line from Shakespeare to make a point that this country and the world has grown such a thin skin that we get angry over and protest every minor offense, joke, comment, or reference regarding anything and anyone.

Three very recent examples of what I am talking about, I believe, make my point.

Jay Leno made an oblique reference to the Golden Temple in India when telling an innocuous political joke about Mitt Romney and apparently angered the leaders of the Sikh religion and now they are suing him because they were offended by the mere mention of their place of worship.   This religious group should not be so concerned as there is nothing anyone could say that would make people care any less about them.  I know that nothing could make me care less.

There is an animated movie coming out in Britain about pirates that had a scene in which one of the pirates boards a ship of lepers and his victim’s arm falls off as a moment of comic absurdity in the spirit of the over the top humor you might have seen from Benny Hill or Monty Python.   An organization for lepers (I had no idea that such an organization even existed) lodged a protest and as a result the scene was changed.   Apparently, what few lepers there are in the world not only can’t take a joke but are also highly organized and able to protest any assault on the image of lepers everywhere.

There is a movie out that depicts some stranded men under attack by a pack of grey wolves and, sure enough, an environmental group is upset that the wolves are being made out as wild animals who attack people and wants the world to know that grey wolves are peace loving and harmless animals.   I suppose that we will see a class action civil rights law suit soon on behalf of grey wolves and wild animals of all kinds.

The big question that now comes to mind is how did the Road Runner continually fight off the inept attacks by Wile E. Coyote without the coyote lobbyists raising not only our awareness as to the plight of coyotes in general but lodging a major protest against Warner Brothers studio for suggesting that coyotes are both violent and stupid.   I guess that Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote represent a simpler time when people understood that not every joke or comment or depiction was a crushing act of bigotry and discrimination that should set off a whirlwind of protests and condemnation.

It occurs to me that this all got started when the Bible insulted and demonized snakes; however, nothing has ever been done about that injustice.   I would sue on their behalf, except, after so much time I do not believe that they would have a leg to stand on since it appears that no one cares about the reputation or feelings of snakes.   I am sure I will hear from that little known advocacy group called Americans Hysterical Over Lowly Snakes (AHOLS) for this one.

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