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The Occupy movement wants to change the rules as an expedient and self-serving solution to the recession so that they can benefit from those that successfully pursued our American Dream.   There are frightened politicians all over this country preparing to raise someone’s taxes.   If not your taxes this time around, just wait until the Occupy movement gets a taste of blood and goes on a feeding frenzy for more taxes from anyone who has achieved any measure of success.

You and I know just as the Occupy group knows, this influx of tax money will not create jobs, will not reduce the deficit, and will not build equality, but, will be spent as fast as it comes in on an endless list of give-away programs.  The Occupy group has come to expect free resources as they protest, has talked about socialized healthcare, subsidized college educations, and now wants free houses by forcing banks to forgive foreclosures.  Who knows what will be next?

If they get their way, we will have created a society that requires one group, far more than 1% of us, to try ever harder to satisfy the insatiable demands of the group, much less than 99% of us, represented by the Occupy movement.   If you and your family own a business or want to start a business and you achieve any success or you build a successful career, which side of that miserable equation do you think you will be on?

It is no longer possible to be on the sidelines.  If you want to protect the fruits of your efforts, you need to reject the Occupy movement and take action.   To do nothing is to give in to the forces that want to fundamentally change this country in a way that will prevent us from ever again being the home of great opportunity where everyone has the chance to succeed or fail on their own terms.  This is not a struggle between those that “have” and those that “have not”, this is about those that “do” and those that “do not.”

If you own a small business or you are building a successful career, at some level, you still believe in the true American Dream.  It is time to speak up before it is taken away!   As we wait for the long anticipated “Demands” of the Occupy movement, we should start putting together our own list of “Demands.”

I offer no slogans or empty rhetoric, just some basic and simple truths.   I suggest that we demand of ourselves and of our fellow citizens the following:

1.  We should not live beyond our means and then expect to have other people subsidize our lifestyle by increasing their taxes.  We can all support charities and government programs that help the truly needy but no one should otherwise be forced to support anyone but themselves and their families.  

2. We all need to take responsibility for our debts instead of blaming the banks and the credit card companies.

3. Anyone who used student loans to get a college education should own up to this obligation and find a way to pay back the money.

4. We can’t expect to receive free healthcare, or a free college education or any other free benefits as they are not free nor can we expect other people to pay for it for us.   If someone is too disabled to work or to help themselves, then we can all offer help, but, otherwise we all need to provide for ourselves and our families.

5. We all should accept and embrace the realities and benefits of a free and open capitalist society where anyone can have the opportunity through their skills, efforts, and great ideas to accumulate wealth without being accused of being evil or greedy.   It is not unfair as that is how a free and competitive society is supposed to work.

6. We need to understand that if we can’t find a job and/or got downsized, laid off, or let go that the best way to create jobs is by encouraging success and a vibrant small business community.

7. We all need to take ownership of our choices and if things have not worked out as we had hoped we should have faith in ourselves and keep trying.

There is no need to leave the comfort of our homes or abandon our businesses or careers and camp out in the streets.  We can save the American Dream if we speak out, send letters to the editor, send letters and e-mails to our congressmen, post comments here and on social networks, and, generally, voice our opinions loud and clear before it is too late.

If you are concerned about the Occupy agenda, pass this and Part 1 on to other concerned citizens.

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