One day I awoke to find myself in a world that had accomplished complete and absolute equality.  There were no distinctions or barriers of any kind between people.

The workplace was truly a level playing field in which everyone’s worth, value, and wages were equal.  As you would expect, gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, and age did not matter.   It was also of no consequence if you were physically fit or completely disabled.   More impressive was that no distinctions were made based on level of education, intelligence, effort, skill, or experience.  All jobs were considered of equal importance, there was no concept of white collar, blue collar or even, no collar.   In short, everyone was treated completely equal.   It is true that in this world there were no longer skilled professionals, scientists, artists, or athletes to name a few specialized but now antiquated professions but that is a small price to pay for total equality in the workplace.

There were no political, social, or religious groups, clubs, or organizations.   No one banded together, formed alliances, created affiliations or did anything that would cause anyone to be excluded for any reason.  Since it proved impossible to provide everyone with an advanced education, in the interest of equality, all colleges and universities had been eliminated.   This was a world that had no institutions to get in the way of complete equality in all aspects of daily life.

There was also total equality in all social encounters.  There was no longer any need nor would it have been allowed to develop a circle of friends or acquaintances to the exclusion of anyone else.  The notion of personal preferences did not exist since this was an all inclusive world.   No judgments or distinctions were made regarding anyone’s physical appearance, behavior, or station in life.   There was no longer any consideration given to being rich or poor, good or bad, industrious or lazy, strong or weak, neat or slovenly.  In social settings, as with all other aspects of life, a person’s abilities, interests, and personality were all disregarded.   Even your personal hygiene or lack thereof was irrelevant.  It did not matter if you did not bathe, groom, or engage in any personal hygiene.   Everyone was completely equal in this world.

They still had a custom of people pairing up as couples; however, since they did not allow any inequality in the way that people would choose a mate, everyone was randomly assigned someone to be their life partner.  This assignment, being completely random, was not based on either person’s gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, age, or any other physical, mental, or emotional attributes since everyone was deemed to be equal.

It was indeed the perfect world.   Oh, one more thing, since it was no longer necessary or desirable, everyone in this world had long since lost the ability to see, hear, speak, or have the sensations of touch, taste, and smell.   There was truly nothing left to interfere with total and complete equality.

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