I am not one to fawn over celebrities or to be an avid fan of people in the entertainment industry.   I appreciate their work and the contribution they make to our lives and culture but I find it somewhat demeaning and a little pathetic when I see people who act as if their own life is meaningless and must hang on the every word and act of the rich and famous.

When I see people wait for hours just to get a glimpse of someone famous or camp out at their house or favorite haunts all I can think of is “why don’t you get a life?”   I am equally distasteful of the paparazzi and gossip rags because they only exist to feed the endless obsession of these rabid fans.

Having said all of that, I must confess that of all of the famous people that have lived during my lifetime, I do reserve a special place for John Lennon.   His death is the only death of a celebrity that both angered and saddened me at the time and still bothers me from time to time.  Even though I grew up listening to the Beatles as well as the Rolling Stones and others it is not about nostalgia or longing for my lost youth.   I did not agree with a lot of his politics and I found some of his stunts, although well intentioned, to be downright silly at times.  Despite all of that, I recognized him as a musical genius and I thoroughly enjoyed his solo efforts as much as if not more than the music of the Beatles.

What bothers me is that I would have liked to have experienced the great music that I am sure he would still be making if he had lived.  His music has been part of the soundtrack of my life and I wish it could have continued.   I also found him to be an interesting person that brought something unique and refreshing to the world.

My feelings about John Lennon’s untimely and tragic death do not put me in the category of an obsessive fan.  I never had any personal contact with him, I did not feel the need to have any contact with him and I would never have intruded myself into his life or altered my life in any way to bask in his presence.  I just liked the pleasure that his music brought me and I was happy to share the world with him.