Am I the only one that feels misrepresented as either a 99%er or a 1%er?  When did this country turn into 1% rich and 99% poor?  How did the typical middle class or upper middle class family that clearly falls into the 99% category as defined by Occupy Wall Street, suddenly become the wealthy enemy?  I am neither one of the 1% nor am I one of the 99%.  Why do these people think they are representing everyone?

The Occupy Wall Street gang seems like an ill-conceived gathering of confused and demoralized people who would be better served if they concentrated on being productive in their own lives.  It seems to me that people have become too good for themselves.

Instead of an attitude of ‘I can do anything’, many young people today seem to think that they are entitled to a job making $250,000.00 immediately out of college.  Gone are the days of working your way up in a company because many don’t even see themselves working for any company for more than just a few years.  If the job seems ‘beneath them’, it isn’t even considered as an option.

In my mind, this creates a domino effect on the economy when no one wants to do the lower level jobs whether they are in a large corporate office or working at a fast food counter.  Many of these young people may have been spoiled by their parents’ economic status because they don’t or can’t understand that their parents were once young and struggled to support themselves.  Success is about planning, sacrificing, saving, and more planning.  Wealth is sometimes achieved with this success.  Now this is something to be ashamed of?

These people should be ashamed of themselves.  Look around the world at some of the countries where citizen groups have toppled cruel and vindictive leaders to try to create a more independent and free society.  They are looking for democracy and freedom, something that the Occupy Wall Street protesters have and take for granted and worse yet, use their freedom to whine and cry about how unfair their world is.

Maybe they should pitch a tent in one of these countries in the Middle East and they will see real oppression and realize just how fortunate they are already.