You heard that the Apathy club tried to organize a meeting but none of the members were interested and the Procrastinator club was going to plan an event but never got around to it.

This may seem like a joke but in reality there are people who fall into one or both of these categories although they may be too indifferent to care or too lazy to do anything about it.   They just go through life as if it were a dress rehearsal for their real life that will start at a later time when maybe they may feel ready to participate as long as it is not too much trouble.

Yes, these people have lives and appear to have activities, but never act with any passion or sense of urgency.  Life to them is a spectator sport and most of what they do is watch the world go by and put off being involved for as long as possible if not forever.

What a waste it is if we allow apathy or procrastination to prevent us from having a full and rich life.  Since we don’t know what lies beyond, it makes no sense not to make the most of the time we are allotted here on Earth.   I am not suggesting that we all need to make a lasting impact on the world; I am just suggesting that we need to make good use of our time and, at least, make a positive difference in the lives of the people around us such as our friends and family.

Sure, we all have our moments when we coast a little bit and not give it our all.   Usually, these are temporary respites from our normal intensity that we bring to our work and personal lives.  Yet, there are people who are consumed by apathy and procrastination.  We all have had the misfortune of dealing with people who don’t seem to understand that life demands and deserves their full attention.  They don’t participate in anything, they don’t get intense about anything, and they don’t strive for anything, except, perhaps, for some down time; however, if they had any more down time they might as well be in a coma.

You may think that I am being way too harsh in my assessment of these people but I am not sure if I care enough to change my mind, at least, not right now.