We all have times when we doubt our value or worth and we sometimes lose faith in ourselves.  We may feel that we have fallen short in one way or another and have not achieved the goals that we have set for ourselves or that others have set for us.  We all have times when we question why we are here and wonder what does it all mean.

Many people, me included, are guilty of placing great importance on being intense and driven in order to find success in all aspects of their lives.  We all seem to focus on our accomplishments and failures and tend to measure our value and worth based on the results of all of our efforts.  There is a much bigger picture.

As far as we know, we are the only intelligent life in all of the vast expanses of the Universe.  There are billions of other stars, planets, and solar systems, yet it appears that only ours has produced life.  Think about that for a moment.  Contemplate the unbelievable confluence of unique cosmic events that had to take place to allow planet Earth to become a hospitable environment for life; then the immensely complicated chain of chemical reactions required to give birth to the first living organisms; and, finally, the extremely intricate series of transformations that had to happen over the ages in order to evolve that primitive life into a race of human beings with intellects who have the ability to think, reason, and ponder the mystery of it all.

It is beyond incredible that not only are we alive but that we have the intelligence to be aware of our unique place in the Universe.  Whether it was through a Divine plan or through the exquisite design of nature, it is still a miracle that we are the only living and thinking inhabitants of the Universe.

The singular fact that you are here is the most powerful and convincing proof of your value and worth.  Where you came from and where you go when you leave are both overwhelming mysteries; however, somehow you have been chosen to be here.  It is indisputable that being the most sublime creations in the entire Universe makes each of us of infinite value and worth.  That is all you need to know to realize that all of the successes and failures in your life pales by comparison to the fact that you are here and that you are one of the chosen ones.