It has been said that all things come to those who wait and that being patient is good for your mind, body, and spirit.   Medical science tells us that being impatient or having what has been categorized as a type “A” personality with all of the worry and stress that comes with it can be bad for your health.

I am in very good health even though it seems that I have always had a type “A” personality.  For as long as I can remember, I have been very short on patience.   Whether it was a troublesome court case, a problem with the business, or a simple home repair, I would not rest until it was resolved.  I am that guy who wakes up in the middle of the night and makes notes to himself.

I don’t know if the aggravation inherent in litigation was part of the cause or if I went into that area of the law because it fit my type “A” personality.  What I do know is that in my law practice, my operation of USFSB and, to a large extent, in my personal life I seem to thrive on the stress that comes from looking at everything as a challenge that needs to be analyzed, managed, and quickly resolved to my satisfaction.   When faced with a problem, I simply can’t wait to find the solution.

Being impatient has served me well, so far, since I feel good about how I have successfully pursued and taken control of my career, my business, and even, my home life.

I never wanted to be laid back and did not admire those people who were.   I used to look at being laid back as a character flaw and the last resort of those who were too insecure or too uninspired to be decisive and take action.  It always seemed to me that in order to be successful in work and in life you needed to be intense and driven.  However, now that I am getting older, it may be time to calm down and let some things just take care of themselves.

I have started to learn that nothing gets resolved simply by worrying about it and most of the things we stress over turn out not to be as bad as we thought they would be once it is all said and done.  The irony is that being impatient with all of its worry and stress might actually be just a big waste of time.  Maybe patience is a virtue after all.

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