Our blog schedule was disrupted this week by the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.  However, Annemarie was able to send us this posting while on a planned trip to the West Coast.


Some people are doers.  Others stand by in the sidelines waiting for someone else to make decisions and take action.  As business owners, if we have our choice of which type of personality to choose as an employee, it is the decision maker who takes action.

As we readied for a long planned three week trip to the west coast, Hurricane Irene was heading toward the Capital District in New York.  Our flight was scheduled to leave at 2:30 on Saturday afternoon and Irene was expected that night.  Our flight left on time and Irene arrived as expected between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Our son who lives in New York City arrived home on Friday to escape the possible flooding and power outages there.  We were lucky to have him home to keep an eye on things after we left.  We are fortunate that Irene only caused a short power outage at our home.  On the other hand, our office building is located in the Stockade area of the City of Schenectady and is only blocks from the Mohawk River.

This brings me to the type of employee we are so fortunate to have in charge of operations in our absence.  On Sunday, when Kristie heard that the City ordered an evacuation of the Stockade, she took it upon herself to go to the office to determine if we were in danger of flooding and prepared to move our servers and computer equipment if necessary.

On Monday morning, she and our IT Director arrived at the office early and spoke with the Fire Chief in charge to determine if we were in danger of flooding.  Luckily, we were not, however, by that time we lost power and internet service which means we were cut off from our members by phone, email, blog postings and our website.  Our staff was called off and the office remained closed. A couple of hours later Kristie returned back to the office and at that time located our mailman and obtained our mail.

Timing is everything.  Monday was the 29th of the month and we only have until the 31st to finalize payments and cancellations before running billing on the 1st of the month.  This caused Kristie to spring into action, again.  She located someone who was able to deliver a generator so that on Tuesday, at least, some operations could be completed and our staff could work some of the day.

As of this writing, Tuesday was a productive day for our staff.  Kristie was able to get our member database and the phone system running by generator.  Our cable company who provides our internet (email, ability to send blog postings and website) could only tell us that we would hear back from them in 2-72 hours.  The power company told us that we may have power by Thursday at 11PM.  Normally, Kristie does not take time off when we are out of the office, but she was supposed to participate in a social event this week that had been postponed from an earlier date.  Under the circumstances and needless to say, Kristie cancelled her obligation to that event to be in the office.

We learned that on Wednesday morning, our power was restored.  Internet capabilities didn’t get restored until Thursday afternoon.

If you are reading this blog, it is because we are ‘back in business.’  We had to wait our turn like the thousands of others without power and internet, but our thanks go to Kristie who found a way to continue our operations with quick thinking and decisive action.

Kristie to the rescue!


There will be no blog post on Monday due to the Labor Day holiday.  We will return to our normal format on Wednesday, September 7th. Enjoy the holiday weekend!