It is not easy being a perfectionist.  On one hand it sounds noble and honorable to strive to be perfect and on the other hand it is easily construed as being neurotic and arrogant.

It has been a mixed blessing and a curse for me over the years to be so intolerant of mistakes in myself and others.  The quest to plan and organize so thoroughly that there is little likelihood of anything going wrong is always derailed by the fact that mistakes can occur despite the best laid plans.  Yet, the quest continues because if you are a perfectionist you have no choice but to strive for perfection against all odds.

Another problem with being a perfectionist is that perfection is fundamentally impossible to attain.  We, as human beings, are not and cannot be perfect and we cannot create a perfect world around us no matter how hard we try.   Therefore, being a perfectionist is always going to leave you somewhat frustrated and disappointed.  However, in many ways the attempt is what matters even if we are destined to fall short.

To the great consternation of my family, friends, and associates, I have been on that quest for perfection for much of my life.  To my great consternation, I have always fallen short in one way or another.   I do not regret trying since I feel that it has made me a better person and, perhaps, has helped me attain a certain level of success.

In a perfect world, we would accept that we can never reach perfection.  Maybe, I can reach a point where in my perfect world mistakes will be made and accepted as a fact of life.

Look for Annemarie’s response “Living With A Perfectionist” to be posted this Wednesday.