I simply cannot understand the success of some of the giants of the Internet and, as hard as I try, I probably never will.

Netflix is a huge success distributing movies by mail and online.  Isn’t Netflix really just a modern version of the book or record of the month club which we all avoided like the plague?

eBay is a huge success providing a venue for people to sell their used junk to one another online.  Isn’t eBay really just an online garage sale that never ends?

Craig’s List is a huge success providing a platform for people to offer their personal goods and services online.   Isn’t Craig’s List really just a version of your run of the mill classified or personal ads we usually ignored in our daily newspapers?

Groupon is a huge success offering discounts on certain products and services in our local communities.   Isn’t Groupon really just an online version of those useless coupons we used to get in the mail and in newspapers for products and services that we never actually wanted like skydiving and massages or for bad restaurants that no one goes to unless they practically give the food away?

Online dating services are a huge success playing matchmaker to all the lonely hearts of the world.   Aren’t online dating services really just an online version of that dreaded but well intentioned friend or relative who always tried to fix you up with that person who’s best and only quality was their “great personality”?

YouTube is a huge success by giving people the opportunity to display their amateur videos online to the entire world.   Isn’t YouTube really the same as the tedious experience of going to a friend’s house to watch their home movies?   YouTube is actually worse since it is often contrived nonsense from people desperately trying to get their allotted 15 seconds of fame.

And then there is Facebook. What can you say about Facebook?  Just imagine if twenty years ago someone you barely knew called you up just to tell you that they had gone for a walk and were going to send you some pictures?  You would have thought they were crazy.   Well, that is an everyday occurrence on Facebook.   Isn’t Facebook really just a way to get an ego rush by being able to share your everyday activities with hundreds of “friends” who pretend to be interested because then they get to share their everyday activities with you?

Well, if you get it, please let me know.