I believe that every business must strive to provide excellent customer service if it wants to be successful.  It is imperative that your employees understand that how they treat your customers can have a profound effect on the future of your business.  Customers must be given the best information possible with courtesy and respect.  Even an angry customer must be handled delicately in an effort to defuse his anger and restore him as a satisfied customer.

As a small business owner, the notion that the customer is always right is a great principle to live by, up to a point.   Let’s face it there are some people who are so mean spirited, argumentative, and abusive that they will never respond to even the best customer service.  They thrive on the conflict and will never be satisfied, mollified, or allow their issues to be rectified no matter how hard you or your employees try.

I have listened to my employees deal with these exasperating kinds of customers (or in our case, Member) and you can tell that the conversation is going around and around in an endless circle of repetitive questions and answers that will never end because to these customers no answer is ever good enough and no resolution is ever acceptable.   As I have listened to these fruitless and futile conversations that have, on occasion, lasted for well over an hour, I have vicariously felt my employees’ frustration and increasing despair as they try to reason with a totally unreasonable person.  It is at those times when I want to unmask this customer for the malcontent that he is and banish him from my business forever.

As I have previously mentioned in “Pitfalls Of Business” sometimes, the best thing you can do for your business is sever your relationship with these customers on the basis that the time, effort and trouble they cause far outweighs the value of their business.   You, your employees and your business do not need the wasteful distraction of constantly dealing with them.

In life as well as in business, there are few absolutes.  Great customer service is absolutely important to pursue but some people simply are not worth the effort and you are absolutely better off without them.