In the short time since the death of Osama bin Laden there has surfaced speculation that he was not armed or that he tried to surrender or that there were other suspicious circumstances regarding the storming of the compound that implies, perhaps, he should not have been killed.

All I can say to those that have expressed these concerns is what world do you live in?   Is there anyone that is so squeamish, magnanimous or righteous that they believe a person of such evil deeds and intent should not be killed on sight?   The world we live in dictates that we take swift, decisive and deadly action against those who seek to destroy us.  This goes beyond any debate about the death penalty this is just the realities of war.   The terrorists are at war with us and by necessity we are at war with them.

I was watching a commentary with legal scholars and journalists who were insisting that the death photographs and other forensic evidence be released so that it could be determined if the circumstances of his death were legal.   They debated whether or not Osama bin Laden’s rights had been violated.   They spoke as if his death was a homicide and the compound was a crime scene.   As I struggled to understand what world these people were living in I realized we may never win the war on terror.

This debate served to remind me that many people believe that our country occupies an Ivory Tower and that we have our own unique and lofty ideals which should set us apart from the rest of the world.   We are just too virtuous and high minded to ever sink to the level of our enemies.   However, there may be no real virtue in believing that we are special and exist above the fray.   It may not just be pompous and arrogant but, also, fatal.   Perhaps, the real virtue lies in our willingness to get our hands dirty and engage our enemies on their own terms.

Ultimately, all that should be said about the death of Osama bin Laden is good riddance.