Imagine it is June, 1944, several days before the Normandy invasion (D-Day during World War II for those of you who slept during high school history class) and there existed, at that time, round the clock TV news stations.  The stations are counting down the hours and minutes until the invasion.  Reporters are in southern England to determine the mood of the invasion force, find out what equipment they have been issued and speculate with military experts as to the possible invasion tactics.  Meanwhile more reporters are on the scene in France interviewing the local residents as to their feelings about the impending invasion and one of their star reporters is sitting with Hitler, in his war room, for an exclusive live report on his thoughts about the invasion and its possible outcome.

If you think this is far-fetched, just remember that those are the kind of things that happened in advance of the second Iraq war.  The advent of twenty four hour a day news reporting has created many similar and equally absurd scenarios.   In order to fill up the time, nothing is off limits nor is national security a consideration.  In the hunt for a story all secrets must be revealed.   In today’s world, why not tell the terrorist all of our security measures and how to infiltrate all of their potential targets?   We must be transparent after all, even if it kills us.

What once was local news of interest to only those in the community involved, now needs to be reported to the entire country.  For example, as bad as these things are, why is it that every local murder or kidnapping becomes national news that is sensationalized day after day and analyzed ad nauseam by every so called expert that can crawl out of the woodwork?

It has now become the chicken or the egg question.  Do we want the news to tell us everything that happens anywhere because we need to satisfy our endless curiosity or have we become incessant voyeurs simply because the news gives us that opportunity?

I have weaned myself off of this constant barrage of news, if you can call it that, and have become more selective in how and where I get my information.  I don’t care to hear about everything that has happened in Podunk, USA and I still believe that some things don’t need to be announced to the entire world.