Our son, Matthew, graduated from Syracuse University in 2004 with a degree in Civil Engineering.   He was able to secure employment with a national engineering firm in Philadelphia soon after graduation.  In an effort to advance his engineering career, Matthew also started to pursue a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering at Villanova University in their evening program.   Matthew has always been ambitious and a hard worker both of which have been essential ingredients in his success.

Matthew made the decision to leave his employment and his studies to pursue the business venture of operating a New York City office of USFSB with his brother, Michael, and two of their friends.   I guess the desire to be in business is also part of Matthew’s make up and this venture was something he needed to experience.

When his involvement with USFSB came to an end, Matthew had no problem securing employment with an engineering firm in New York City while at the same time earning his Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering at Columbia University.   Matthew was in such good favor with his employer and his professors that through Columbia University and with the blessing of his employer he was able to create his own work-study program in Milan, Italy which gave him the chance to live in Milan for two months.

Matthew has created quite a resume for himself and, recently, was able to secure his dream job as an engineering consultant with a large, international firm.   They wanted him to work out of their San Francisco office which gave Matthew the added benefit of being reunited with his brother Michael.

Well, Matthew has certainly engineered a great career for himself and we are sure that he will have an extremely rewarding future.  His fiancée, Erika, is also making a success of herself having earned her Master’s Degree in speech-language pathology at Columbia University and we are confident that they will build a wonderful life together.

May, 2013 Update:  Matthew and Erika were married in March, 2011 and continue to live in San Francisco.   Erika recently started her own Speech and Language Pathology business called “The Speechies”.   Matthew is doing extremely well in his career and travels all over the world as an engineering consultant.  He recently was sent to Moscow to train the employees in that office.