It seems that we all need to have an agenda if we are to find our place in society.   Having come of age and gone through college during the tumultuous period of the late 1960s and early 1970s, I saw firsthand the vast divide that developed between the emerging socially aware liberal agenda and the increasingly entrenched conservative agenda.  The rift became so large and the discord was so loud that it appeared impossible then and even now to be neutral, everyone, it seems, must take sides.   I don’t necessarily want to take a side.

What does it mean to be a far right conservative?   Are they afraid of change, do they only feel safe with the status quo?   Everything is under attack by radicals.  Sacred institutions and family values are being destroyed.  The world is going to hell and will never be the same again.  Some liberals believe that the conservative agenda is the providence of only jingoists, hateful warmongers, greedy fat cats, religious zealots, and the power brokers of big business and government.  Well, then, count me out.   I don’t have a problem with change as long as I feel that there is a good reason for a change.  I don’t feel that I am under attack by people who want to rock my world.   I don’t feel the need to strive for only success and wealth.

What does it mean to be a far left liberal?   Do they despise things as they are, do they only feel fulfilled if they can change the world?  Everything is under protest.  Everything is part of an evil conspiracy by the people in power to suppress everyone else.  The only world that is acceptable is one that is somehow different than the one we are living in now.   Some conservatives believe that the liberal agenda is the providence of only out of touch fringe elements, naive Peaceniks, idealistic students, overly sensitive artists and entertainers, bleeding hearts, and those who always feel disenfranchised?  Well, then, count me out.  I don’t have a problem with the status quo when I feel that there is not a good reason to make a change.   I am not constantly looking over my shoulder for fear that someone wants to take away my freedom.   I don’t feel guilty about my success and I don’t harbor resentment towards those more successful or more powerful than me.

What does it mean to travel down the middle of the road?   Do they want to change some things and leave other things the way they are but not feel strongly about either one?  The struggle of daily life is enough of a challenge.  There is not enough time or energy to worry about causes and social movements.   Taking care of business does not leave time for the luxury of trying to change the world.  The vast majority of people believe that the middle of the road agenda belongs to them.  Well, then, maybe count me out.  I don’t mind having strong and passionate opinions.   I don’t feel overwhelmed and pressured into silence.

I don’t subscribe to one agenda over another.  I like to travel all roads, right, left and middle and don’t worry about which side I am on.   I will take the road that seems the best to me and I don’t mind traveling alone.