Since I am relatively new at the art of writing a blog, I am still trying to determine the limits and boundaries that are acceptable for our web site.

I was first concerned that my personal observations on life may not be appropriate or that I had drifted off into areas of my personal life that may be too personal, I do have my secrets after all, and thus may not be suitable for a business web site.  I dealt with those issues in my blog entry “When In Doubt” in which I decided that I would not doubt my instincts and that I would continue to write about topics of interest to me even if not directly related to USFSB or business.

My next concern was the fact that, over time, I might exhaust all of my ideas and would eventually run out of steam.   There are only so many good ideas in this world and how would I continue to make these blogs interesting?   I addressed that concern with my blog entry “The Blog Blog” wherein I pointed out that just about anything is interesting.   Apparently, as a society, we are all easily amused.

My latest concern is that I may step over the line and make some people angry.   I can be a very opinionated person with very strong feelings about what I consider to be the foibles of our culture, society, and human nature.   I am not sure if I want to stir up any controversy, particularly, on my business web site.   They say that discretion is the better part of valor, so should I play it safe and keep my opinions to myself or should I brave the fall out from expressing my opinions?  Who knows, it could be fun stirring up the pot a little bit.

It is a dilemma that does not yet have a resolution.   I could say that I don’t care what people think but that would not be true, I do care what people think but I also want the freedom to express myself even if not everyone agrees with me.  So, for now, I will try not to say anything too out of line, but watch out, that could change at any time.