Each generation is born into a different world than those that came before them.  This is true, in part, because the world changes so quickly that each generation grows up with technologies that were not available to prior generations.  We went from the Wright Brothers to the Moon in just three generations.  This advance in technology continues to increase at an unprecedented rate, making things we marvel at today obsolete in just a few years.

Each generation also faces new problems and challenges in what seems like an ever more hostile and dangerous world.   There are people living today who have lived through two World Wars, the Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and the list goes on and on.  Trouble continues to plague each new generation as we live in apprehension that there are worse dangers to deal with in a world that seems to have gone mad.

The point is that each generation lives through their own unique trials and tribulations, yet, as each generation grows older there is the tendency to look back at their past as being somehow better than today.  The good old days seems to be a refrain we all resort to when nostalgia clouds our vision of the past.  We come to believe that the past was a simpler and less troublesome time that has been forever lost.

This desire to reflect on and long for times gone by is just part of our nature.  It provides us with some comfort, particularly, when we feel overwhelmed by the demands and complications of our daily lives.  Perhaps, it is due to the fact that as we age we realize we have more past than future and the past takes on greater meaning for us. Yet in our heart of hearts we know that it is not true.  We know that our memories of the past are selective and distorted and that the past was not really any better then today, just different.

I have come to realize that each day should stand on its own merits and that it is not necessary to long for the past or curse today in hopes of a better tomorrow.  Even if you want to change the world, accept today for what it is and enjoy the time you’re in.  Ultimately, each day brings with it its own problems, complications, pleasures, and joys.