Our son, Michael, graduated from Syracuse University in 2004 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Entrepreneurship.   By the time he graduated, he knew that he would not pursue a career in engineering.   He knew he was destined to be a businessman.

He first moved to New York City with the idea that he would try the restaurant and tavern business.   He got a job helping to manage a tavern, in which Annemarie’s cousin was one of the owners, located near New York University.  His plan was to use this experience to eventually invest in his own business.  Michael learned a lot and, most importantly, learned that he did not want to be in the restaurant or tavern business.

He next joined forces with his brother, Matthew, and two of their friends to convince Annemarie and me that it would be a good idea to let them open a New York City office of USFSB.  I have discussed this before and will not elaborate now except to say that it was another valuable learning experience for Michael that helped shape his future.

One piece of advice that I gave Michael as he was pursuing these business opportunities was that he should build himself before he tried to build his business empire.  What I meant is that he should take the time to obtain the right skills, education, and credentials that he would need before he tried to conquer the world of business.

Once his USFSB experience ran its course, Michael went on to earn his MBA from Columbia University.  I looked at that as the last piece of the puzzle that would help Michael find his place in the business world.  He was now ready to make a serious run at being a successful businessman.  He had the skills, practical experiences, proper education, and the credentials of a degree from a prestigious business school.

He is now making a success of himself in the sophisticated business world of technology that is found in Silicon Valley, California.   Michael has made himself into quite a businessman.

May, 2013 Update:   Michael recently got engaged to his girlfriend Jacque and they plan to be married later this year.   Jacque is pursuing a course of study to become a Naturopathic Doctor and Michael is enjoying great success in his career.   We are happy for both of them and thrilled to welcome Jacque into our family.