I decided to take a moment to write this blog entry about my experiences and thoughts regarding the process of writing a blog.  It can be a chore to write something new each week but I take comfort in the observation that there appears to be nothing too trivial, mundane, or ridiculous that will capture the public’s attention.

I have seen online videos that have gone viral that in a saner world would not have been of interest to anyone including the person’s family and close friends. 

There are popular television shows about people losing weight; about pawn shops, and about vehicle repair facilities.  In a rational world, would anyone spend time, for recreation, at a gym to watch people get in shape, or find it enjoyable to spend a few hours at a pawn shop to marvel at the fascinating process of buying and selling used goods, or when was the last time you took a trip to your local car dealership just to watch them fix someone else’s car?    The answer is, never.   Yet, we will watch this stuff on television every week.

I don’t fully understand the endless obsession we have with reality shows as if the reality of our own lives was not interesting enough.  We will watch for hours, dysfunctional people in houses, on islands, at the shore, and in boardrooms.   Do we really care which of a group of has-beens or unknowns can dance or sing better than the others? 

There seems to be no end to what we will find interesting, including such exciting things as cleaning houses, the incessant sniping of bored housewives, and my personal favorite, watching someone eat large quantities of food.   I heard that there may be a show that will simply be about watching grass grow if they can figure out which type of grass would be the most interesting.

Anyway, when I first started writing my blogs I had some concern that I may eventually run out of interesting ideas.   Now, as I reflect on our popular culture I realize that there is nothing to worry about.