You know there is a rule that the President and Vice President can never travel together for national security reasons.  

I was recently faced with something almost as serious.   Somehow I agreed to have Annemarie, USFSB’s Vice President, and Kristie, our Director of Finance, go on a week-long trip to our home in Gold Canyon, Arizona.  What was I thinking!  

Kristie was on a vacation and Annemarie went to take care of a few minor construction issues.     They are two key members of our team and provide much of the supervision and technical skills that keep USFSB running smoothly.   They promised to help me even while they were away, but, I was not too sure that they would be all that available once they settled in next to the pool with their favorite beverage in hand.       

Seriously, it was a challenge to be here all week without their presence, in part, due to the way I operate USFSB.  When I practiced law, I always felt that in order to be successful I needed to bring my own unique skills and knowledge to the task.   By necessity, I was never able to delegate very much to others. 

In contrast, right from the beginning, I decided that USFSB would be best served by letting the employees handle the day-to-day operation of the business.  They had the knowledge and skills to do the work and it should not be necessary for me to personally perform their jobs. 

I look at my position as being similar to the captain of a ship.  I set the course and then leave it to my employees to implement my decisions.  Kristie and Annemarie supervise that day-to-day work and I only get involved if a serious personnel issue arises or a decision needs to be made that will affect the direction in which we will move the business.  To be sure, I am always looking at the big picture and receive a steady flow of information through meetings and the many reports that I require so that I can monitor the results of the work being done and take corrective action when necessary.

Any business owner who has one or more key employees knows what it is like when they are not available for one reason or another.   It was difficult to fill the void that was left by their absence, but, somehow I managed to keep things running smoothly for that week without them.     

Let’s not tell them how important they are or they may decide they don’t need me.