Now that Election Day is upon us, it is easy for the political pundits and media to define everyone by a simple label.  He’s a Republican, she’s a Democrat, or we’re not sure who he is so we will call him an Independent.  Well, don’t try to label me so easily.

I vote for the candidates that best represent my values and beliefs regarding how our government should govern and how our society should function.   It is true that my values and beliefs are usually similar to the platform of one party over another, but, I reserve the right to vote for whomever I believe are the best candidates regardless of what they are called or how they label themselves.  

I believe in free enterprise and the proposition that the government should not be in the business of running private industries.  The problem with government-run programs is that there is no profit motive and no incentive to operate efficiently and without waste.  Then you have the problem of the weight of government bureaucracy that slows down the decision making process causing the programs to become more complicated and cumbersome then is necessary. Certainly, the government should impose reasonable rules and regulations as long as they do not stifle the free flow of the marketplace.  Health Care Reform may prove to be a great example of the government taking a troubled industry and making it worse by trying to get into the health insurance business.  

I believe in low taxes and less government spending.  Fewer big bailouts and more help for small businesses, the backbone of our economy.   I also favor more control over our social programs.  We as a society should help the needy, but not forever and not in all ways.  There will always be a core group of people who will never be able to take care of themselves due to severe disabilities or health problems and they should not be abandoned.   For the rest of us, it eventually comes down to sink or swim.

Well, you may have guessed my favorite party by now, but, still don’t put that label on me.