The most disturbing aspect of the ongoing debate regarding taxes is the scorn with which many people seem to have for the so-called “rich”.  

A person who earns over $250,000 a year can pay as much as 35% of their income in federal income taxes.   According to available IRS statistics, the top 5% of taxpayers paid 53.8% of all individual income taxes collected, yet, they earned 30.6% of the total income reported.   The tax rates already disproportionately penalize people for their success.    

These taxpayers also generally spend more money in the community, pay more State income taxes, pay more property taxes, and generate more sales taxes and, yet, receive no more services from the government than anyone else.  In fact, they receive less.   They are denied many tax deductions, they are not eligible for most grants or scholarships to help with their children’s college expenses; and they are not entitled to many other governmental perks that other citizens receive.

 The call to raise only their taxes is outrageous.  Isn’t 35% enough?   Most people that earn over $250,000 a year do so because they worked hard, made many sacrifices, and took risks, both in school and throughout their careers, in order to achieve their success.   Why would they not deserve a tax break along with everyone else?