In life there are many things that are in doubt.   Many times we have reason to doubt the truth of what is being told to us or we may doubt the outcome of an event that is important to us.   Doubt is a part of life.

The most troublesome and destructive form of doubt is self-doubt.   Sometimes we let other people make us doubt what we believe is the right course of action.  We may even change our plans based on the seeds of doubt that are planted by others.

When I started to write these blogs about my experiences running USFSB with my wife and family I also felt it was appropriate to write about the experiences in my personal life since how and why I operate USFSB is just a part of the bigger picture of who I am and what I feel, think, and believe.

A few people have commented on the subject matter of some of the blogs and criticized the fact that I ventured into areas of my personal life rather than confine myself to topics that are directly related to USFSB or business.  At first this made me doubt the value or validity of such personal expressions.   Even though there will be many blog entries about USFSB and covering many different business related topics, I have decided not to fall victim to self-doubt.   I will continue to write about topics of importance to me even if not related to USFSB or business.

So in the immortal words of Frank Sinatra, I will do it my way.