It has been said that the formula for success is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration.    I do not want to argue with this time honored advice; however, I believe that another essential component to the formula for success is having the right attitude.

Whether you want to call it the power of positive thinking or just having the right “stuff”, there is no doubt that people will react to the real and perceived attitudes that you bring to any project or endeavor.

More importantly, having a positive attitude about yourself will give you the confidence and drive that you need to be successful.   Many successful people have endured numerous failures before they hit upon their success.   The only difference between them and those that stayed defeated is that the truly successful people never stopped believing in themselves.

This seems simple enough; however, like most things in life, it is easier said then done.   Well, how does one go about developing a positive attitude?   Let me offer some of my own ideas.

First you need to understand and accept the fact that your attitude will have a significant effect on the outcome of any attempt you make to reach your goals.   Do not give in to your fear of failure and learn to disregard those around you who predict defeat.   The most effective way to achieve and maintain a positive attitude is to think positively.

Take advantage of the power of self fulfilling prophecies.   It is a recognized phenomenon that if you consistently perceive yourself in a positive manner and as a success, your perception will eventually become reality.

Once you have attained a positive attitude about yourself, you can then extend this positive attitude to others.   Your enthusiasm will be contagious and will soon infect your employees and customers.   When you are looked upon as a positive and successful person, others will follow and seek to be part of your success.

You can never underestimate the value of hard work; however, sometimes the secret to success is not to just work hard but to, also, work at having a positive attitude.